Wednesday, July 8, 2009

WWE Raw Tour

Man... its the first time in my live that I have been to a real live match. Ever since I was a kid, I was die hard fan of WWE. I could even stayed up late just to watch the show.
However, this year I'm lucky enough to get myself a ticket and watched them live, plus few superstars were here in Burswood Dome. Wrestlers like Triple H, Big Show, Randy Orton and even Goldust showed up. Baptista and John Cena was supposed to be entertaining us but dont know why they didnt wrestle at all... kind of disappointed..!! Even the kids were bragging in front of their mum saying "Where is John Cena?" LOL....

Anyway... I really did enjoyed my time there and its very similar to what I could see live from the tv SHOW... one thing about the ring.. the floor, and the sound effect.. man.. when they threw the guy on the floor, you could hear the impact real loud... hehehe

And one more thing, when Big Show slaps a person in the chest, thats for real! I could even hear it from where I've sit. And most of the match are just entertaining but some are for real.. and man Big Show is one of the hell big fella! And the choke slam, his strength and his height, Man He rocks.. cant believe Im seeing for real.

Triple H, he is cool the way he entertained us when the Raw Tour has finished... And his finisher, pedigree.. WOW.. couldnt believe im seeing that live as well! Anyway, i guess i would buy a front row seat next time when im going!

However, exiting Burswood Dome today was a pain in the ass because it was raining and we have to wait for the bus shutter to arrive and it was such a long que... damn!! LOL.. anyway, nice experience and I enjoyed it.. Oh yeah, about the merchandise.. it was super expensive!!! 50 aud for just a tshirt..!! Such a riped off.....

Here is some photo I have taken over there... its small but still visible:

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Should I or shoudn't I?

Sorry for not updating my blog for quite sometime already because there is not much things I have done.

Recently, I am just pretty upset with myself because I am jobless.. still...! Its hard to get a job over here, even part time jobs. Tried applying a few jobs and I guess without a PR, they just wouldn't considered you or give you a little bit of hope for an interview. For eg. I applied for a small non profit organisation not long ago, and this job was not even advertised but was told by a fren about it. So, I was happy because given the smaller amount of ppl knowing about the job, it gives me the higher chances of going for an interview. However, to my disappointment, sent in, make a phone call to them, and having to talk to them, they dont even know the visa Im holding. Gosh... explained to them and said they would contact me to let me know the progressed.. and at the end. no phone calls at all, and ive heard the position is being filled already! Sigh!

Now, seriously I have been doutbing whether shud i stay here or go back straight to Malaysia. Im in a dilemma right now! Life is tough and boring without jobs over here! How can i survive not doing anything over here for few months.

Anyway, i just do hope the economy will get better soon so that i could land into some nice decent job.... PLs....

So frustrated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Champions League Finale

First goal by Eto'O

2nd goal by Messi (I personally feels that he is better than Ronaldo because of his attitude, much more a sportsmanship comparing to Ronaldo)

Messi's celebration for the 2nd goal

Champion League Winner - FC Barcelona ( 2-0)

The Squad (They really do deserve it, especially Henry)

The excitement of being the first Spanish Club to won treble cups!

Barcelona managed to beat Manchester United (MU) by 2 goals.. It was an amazing finale and really did enjoyed the game not because MU lost but comparing what a boring match it was last year for both English teams to be in the finale considering not much an attacking match but defensive and plus drogba's attitude which makes the team doesnt really deserve to be in the finale. However, I considered MU to be lucky to won that match as John Terry slipped to miss the penalty kick to ruin Chelsea's celebration.
Anyway, i guessed lots of ppl would lose money and some of the fans would cry for the team that has supported Man Utd but please... don't any of u out there commit suicide just because of a match. Its only a match and your not the blame for urself for the team to lose. So no hard feeling alright.. as few weeks ago, an Arsenal fan has hung himself after knowing that Arsenal has been knocked up by Man Utd in the semi final. Although i considered myself an Arsenal fan, i wouldnt really be doing a suicidal attempt just because of a match. So.. pls think properly before u make up a decision to give up ur life!
N hey, finally Thierry Henry got what he deserved and what he has been wishing for, and i seriously think that Barcelona has the better chance of bringing the European Championship title back to Spain considering the way they performed during their La Liga seasons. Its really my privilege to watch them play! Scoring more than 100 goals a season for the entire club is something that i have not seen in any EPL clubs.
Therefore, BARCAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Finally, the third time champions for European Champion but I really do wish arsenal would have a shot on the final again!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Cottesloe Beach

What a beautiful shinning Sunday... After all it has been pretty much raining for few days already and nothing much can be done except sleeping. Therefore, i spent my Sunday evening with Ah Hui, Ah Lai and Yi Wen in Cottesloe Beach since Ah Hui wanted to swim. As for me, I have decided to bring along my DSLR camera to try out some of my new skills that I have learnt from the manual book lol... I also did some training in my room by taking heaps of photo by just focusing on my lip balm....

Anyway, here is some photo I took:

Sunday, May 24, 2009

This blog belongs to my friend, Sharon Ting Ee Wen and for those who are reading my blog, should visit her blog as well(You could just click on the link on the bottom right of my webpage where she goes by the name eewen's tale.) because I find it that her personal experience in life is very knowledgeable to be acknowledged and considering she is only 23 years old, she has already been blessed and lucky to be married to Leighton Whiting, in Utah! During her wedding, she took variety of pictures and I personally loved the one where she had her picture taken when it snowed outside the Bountiful Temple(A Place where she got married... hehe and she has lots of photo in it as well, so have a looked at it). Basically, her blog is more on describing her life and talking more on personal stuff that she is proud to share among the readers. I hope you would give her a little support by visiting her blog and give a little bit of advise of where she could make her blog a little bit more interesting. Thanks and I am definitely not a STALKER but just promoting............!! :)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Rottnest Island during Easter Break

Rottnest Island is a place where you wanna have fun doing exercising and yet get to see outstanding beauty scenic with crystal clear sea. Besides, its only 19km off the coast of Fremantle, and definitely getting there by boat unless your able to swim that far! There is 3 ways where you can depart from: from Fremantle (that is where I depart and it takes 40 min to arrived the Rotness Island Jetty), Barrack Street (somewhere in between the Swam Bell and the EYE of Perth) and Northport (no idea where is this place). The island has a land size measure of 1,900 hectares and riding bicycles around the island will take you 2.5 hours because its a 24km ride!

History says that aproximately 23,000 years ago, Rottness Island is inhabited by the aboriginals and after the sea levels has risen, it separated the mainland of WA and the island. The island has been uninhabitted since then because the aboriginals couldn't build a suitable boat to cross there. Furthermore, the island was also used as prison to imprisoned aboriginals back in the late 1830s. As a result, your able to find cemmetries in Rottness. Some said its pretty scary to stay there at night, because you might be "fortunate" enough to see things! But it will be a wonderful experience to stay there at night! :)

Here is some pictures of the boat, island, Quokkas (A cute giant rat) and the bikie gang:

Inside the boat!

Que up to get our bikes but we were at the wrong place! Didn't read the instruction of the ticket. BUSTED! :(

Quokka (there were plenty more in the island but we only manage to photoshoot one!)

The Bikie Gang

Friday, April 3, 2009

Rubik's Cube

I have always wanted to learn to play around with a Rubik's Cube aka Magic Cube. I remembered that I got this cube when I was still in primary school and I think I got inspired by my cousin to purchase this toy! At first he taught me some tricks but I guessed I have a bad memory. So at the end, the colour were mixed up and I never knew how to twist and turn back to a full set of same colour for each side. Therefore, I did a bit modification by peeling off the colour and stick it to where it belongs because i got so frustrated with it already! And till now I still dont know how! So, last week, I bought a magic cube from Fremantle and it cost $14 AUD. It claimed itself to be THE WORLD'S SMOOTHEST TURNING MAGIC CUBE and its made in Taiwan! Unbelievable and yet I have not tried it to see whether it is exactly true as describe, so I can't give comment about it. However, it looks nice!

The movie "Pursuit of Happyness" which spell happiness, with a Y, casted by Will Smith, inspired me to try to learn and not give up especially in this cube box. Its fun and just have to know a little tricks about it. I heard from a friend that you could actually find a solution in and they will eventually teach you how to turn and twist this thing. You could just look it up under "How to solve a Rubik's Cube". Anyway, I guess I am just going to try it on first and see how far could i go without a solution!